Plastic Surgery Procedures that Highlight Your Facial Complexion

Be Your Best Self with the Right Plastic Surgery Procedures

CER Hospital offers a range of facial plastic surgery procedures including facelifts and surgeries for your nose, eyes, and ears. If there’s a certain aspect about your appearance that you want to change, the professionals at CER Hospital are here to help. We use the latest techniques and medical procedures to help you get the facial complexion you’ve always wanted. You can recapture your youth with a facelift in Mexico and you’ll only pay a fraction of the cost you would normally incur in the U.S. Our plastic surgeons have over 15 years of experience when it comes to reshaping and revitalizing a person’s facial features. From a quick nose job to reducing the size of your ears, our plastic surgery procedures will help enhance your natural beauty and feel more confident. At CER Hospital, we will accompany you to the place you want to be.




Your eyes are your best assets, give them a natural and refreshed look with this procedure that will make you feel younger.

CER Hospital Eyelid Surgery


Rejuvenate your appearance and recover the youth in your complexion with this surgery.

CER Hospital Facelift


Get the improvement you want by enhancing the look and proportion of your ears.

CER Hospital Otoplasty


The nose you’ve always wanted could be possible, you can enhance your look with just a little change that will look natural and proportionate to your facial features.



Facial Procedures for men

There are several types of surgery if you seek a more appealing look by highlighting your facial complexion. Usually, the most common facial procedures among men are eyelid surgery, nose surgery or face lift. We are prepared to meet your needs, whether if you desire a more youthful look, or definition of your facial features like the chin or jawline.

Men procedures

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