Body Lift

How do I know if I am a good candidate for body lift (skin removal surgery)?

Mostly all of our body lift patients are persons that have lost a huge amount of weight, and in consequence they have looseness in their tissue and saggy parts on their bodies. Bariatric patients commonly undergo body lift after their weight loss surgery.

What happens during body lift surgery?

The surgeon removes the excess of skin and tightens the muscle of the requested areas of lower, upper and middle sections of the body, depending on the complexion and the specific needs of the patient. The surgeon makes a combination of different surgical procedures:  Arm Lift, Thigh lift, Circular Tummy Tuck, Butt lift, Breast Lift or Mastopexy.

Which is the length of the surgery?

The body lift can take between 3 to 6 hours

Will I have to stay in the hospital?

We recommend you to stay just 1 night at the hospital, for you to be under medical supervision.

How much time will I have to wait to go back to work?

Our suggestion is to rest for about 3 weeks before you get back to work, although it depends on your natural reaction to your surgery. If you experience any complications please don’t hesitate to call us.

Do you have some extra tips for a faster recovery?

Follow carefully all the post-op instructions we give to you after your surgery, also the most common recommendations are:

  • Don’t get through excessive force, or motion during the time healing.
  • Avoid trying to remove the stitches yourself.
  • If you experience some complications or abnormal situations like shortness of breath or chest pains, please call us immediately.

When would I see the final results of my body lift surgery?

After your surgery a snug elastic dressing or body stocking must be worn over the treated area to control swelling and bleeding, and to help your skin shrink to fit your new shape for three to four weeks. Although you will see almost immediately the change in your body, final results may be seen until a year or two have passed. The results are long lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight.


Body Lift