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If you’re looking to change the size and shape of your body, you can sign up for a range of bodily plastic surgery procedures at CER Hospital.

Whether you want to reduce the size of your stomach with liposuction or enhance the shape of your curves with a Brazilian butt lift, our newly renovated facility is the place for you. Contact a medical professional for a complete consultation.

One of our expert plastic surgeons will help you discover all the ways you can alter your physical appearance. If there’s a certain area of your body that you want to fix, we can help you find the best solution to your problem. We only use the safest and most reliable plastic surgery procedures to help you feel thinner and more attractive.

Come to CER Hospital for plastic surgery in Mexico and you can cut your medical expenses in half. The body you’ve always wanted is only a consultation away. Contact us today to start your physical transformation!




This popular procedure helps you recover your natural figure and pump up your buttocks by redistributing your unwanted body fat to more favorable places.

Lipoinjection (Brazilian Butt Lift)


If you are on a healthy condition and you are near to your ideal body weight, but not even through diet and exercise can you get rid of fat in some parts of your body, this is the perfect procedure for you.



After pregnancy a mother goes through a struggle of recovering her natural figure. Some body parts won’t look the same, not even after exercising and dieting. This procedure is the solution for those mommies who seek an amazing body figure.

Mommy Makeover


If you have undergone a weight loss surgery, you will probably have trouble with saggy or flaccid parts in your body. This procedure helps you lift hanged skin on your thighs, giving them a better look that matches your body shape.

Thigh Lift


After your bariatric surgery you will lose a lot of weight that will probably leave excess of skin hanging, this procedure removes all of the saggy parts of your body and helps you obtain the shape that you expect.

Body Lift


The goal of this procedure is to flatten your abdomen, the doctor will remove the excess of fat, the saggy skin and he will tighten your muscle wall to achieve the results that you are seeking.




Men Body Procedures

Most men look to have a well shaped body, strong and fit. A flat abdomen is a must for almost all men that want to have a fitted and athletic shape. But in some cases, lifestyle, routine, aging or diseases, are an obstacle for accomplishing this attractive look. So when there is an excess of fat in the abdominal area, some men resort to plastic body surgeries such as liposuction.


Men Body Procedure

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