Is it Mexico a good option for medical care?

Mexico has a lot to offer for medical tourists, not only do we offer excellent quality health care, but we are also investing in our infrastructure to make your stay as comfortable and delightful as possible. We have world class hotels, exceptional gastronomy, professional tour operators and a recognized excellence in service that will make you feel at home.


Here in Mexico you could save more than 50% of your surgical procedure’s expenses, not to mention that the waiting times for scheduling appointments for surgical procedures are minimal, and the proximity to North America allows you to get back home in a short period of time. No wonder why so many foreigners choose our destination for their medical procedures.


Visiting Tijuana is a good and reliable experience, you can grab your car and drive only few miles to get to the border or take a flight to San Diego airport where our staff will pick you up and take you to the door of our Hospital.


Flight to San Diego
CECUT Tijuana

Tijuana is well known for its growth on medical tourism in the past years, approximately a hundred cars an hour cross our border through our fast and practical Medical Lane.


It is easy, fast, affordable and secure. So as you can see, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to receive the best service with state of the art technology and certified surgeons.

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