How to measure your actual bra size?

How to measure your actual bra size?

Do you have constant problems with your bra? Are your straps always falling? Do you feel you do not completely fill up your bra cups? Or is the elastic band of your bra leaving hurtful marks on your skin? Maybe you are not wearing the right bra size for your bust.

Some women tend to buy the same bra size for a long time and eventually get used to the uncomfortable feel of it. Although you would not imagine all the great benefits, that wearing the right bra size, could bring to your daily life.

For us women, bras are probably the most important element of our closet. The bra is an essential garment that gives us the support we need for our breasts, it enhances our femininity and allows us to move around comfortably, with the confidence that we are protected.

A nicely fitted bra, can help us achieve different looks with our bust, by rising it to the position that we want, or giving them a rounder and natural shape that will look amazing in a dress or blouse with a sexy cleavage.

So do not worry if you have doubts on your bra size, we will give you an easy and DIY way of measuring your breasts to determine which bra size is better for you.

Step 1. Measure your band

Find a flexible measuring tape with marked inches. The band of your bra is the one at the bottom of it, were the adjustable hooks are located. Make sure you place the measuring tape around where the band usually rests upon your body when you put your bra on, this area is mostly located over your ribcage just underneath your breasts. If the measurement is an odd number round it up to the next even number.

Step 2. Measure your bust

Wrap the measuring tape around your body over your breasts at the level of the nipple, and take note of the number, remember to round it up to the next even number.

Step 3. Calculate your cup size

Once you have your band and bust measurements, subtract the bust size from the band size to determine your cup size.

Example: 36(band size) – 34(bust size) = 2

The resulting number will let you know which letter is your bra cup, take a look at the following chart:

The Difference between band size and bust sizeYour cup

Though these measurements are a good starting point for you to discover which is your ideal bra size, it is not an exact science and there are other factors that may influence on your size, remember we all have different body contours, shapes and volumes. So our next recommendation will be for you to visit a fitting consultant at a department store or a bra boutique, who could guide you and give you some extra advice about your bra fitting.

We also loved this bra fit checklist from Bare Necessities, that might help you find your best fit of bra, check it out:


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