Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Month important?

Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Month important?

Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Month important?

Women, men and even children around the world are wearing a pink ribbon this month, why is that? The answer is simple, they know what breast cancer is and what does it represents.

Awareness means to know about something, in this case to understand that breast cancer is one of the most common cancer in women worldwide. Awareness is necessary so you have in mind to do tests at list once a year, and more importantly to start doing self-exams periodically.

Thanks to massive awareness campaigns from health institutions and providers in the latest years, breast cancer death have been decreasing since 1989, now more women worldwide have early detection and in consequence, they have more possibilities to stay alive.

In United States there are more than 2.8 million of women who have survived breast cancer, due to early detection and better treatments.

So when you see the pink ribbon this month, please take it as a reminder to do a mammogram or a self-exploration exam just to make sure that you are healthy.


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