Physical activity and exercise after bariatric surgery

There is no doubt about it, to be a successful post-bariatric patient, you must do exercise.No excuses, if you desire to have the best results, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically to exercise at list two times a week.
     Patient who lose more amount of weight, are those who don’t stick only with the results of the surgery, but they follow correctly their diet plan, they do exercise regularly and also are members of support groups.

So, if you want to reach your goals, is important to make a change in your lifestyle.

Where could I start?

      Walking is essential for all bariatric patients, you can start little by little with walks of 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Start with a moderate pace that you feel comfortable with.

Afterwards, increase the speed of your walks until you feel comfortable with a power walk.

Whenever you feel ready you could also increase the number of steps you take, so each week you can break your own record of steps a day.

The idea is to improve your endurance and pace, so once you have mastered your walks, you will be able to continue with other exercises that require a certain level of energy and strength.

When to start?

      Is possible to start walking right away when you return home after your surgery, however for a more intense exercise is important that you ask your doctor, for most of the patients the recommendation is to leave intense activity for 3 to 6 weeks after surgery.

Which type of exercise can I do?

     All types of exercise that require certain level of endurance, strength and flexibility will help you lose weight effectively and faster.

Once you have reached a satisfactory pace in your walks, and if the doctor recommends, you could change to stationary bike or a elliptical trainer.

Also, if you have access to a pool, swimming would be a great option. This is a very complete exercise that improves your endurance and strength, as well as your respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Your flexibility could get better if you take a yoga class for beginners, don’t hesitate to register in one near your home, or maybe you could see some yoga videos in youtube. These exercises will help you to have a better respiratory system, and improve the flexibility in your joints.

Exercise is a fundamental part of your weight loss plan. Don’t think about it too much, and start your physical activity routine as soon as possible.

How to change old habits?

During our lifetime, we all develop pathways to solve our day to day problems, we follow certain steps everyday that maybe we just do them automatically without thinking, because we have been doing the same thing all of our lives, and we don’t analyze if we are being effective or if this behaviour and our habits are helping to improve ourselves.

Everyone without exception, have developed habits, bad or good, that define our actual situation, and that can determine our success or failure in life.

The main idea of living and growing up, is learning of our experiences, what has worked for us or not, so we can be wiser day by day, and to let this knowledge improve our life.

Even Though it might sound easy, learning of our mistakes is no simple task, and neither is getting rid of our bad habits.

A bad habit could be defined as everything that limits your success, that doesn’t allow you to reach your goals.

For example, let’s say that you have identify that you have an overweight problem, and that your goal is to lose weight in a time frame of 6 months, but you have a bad habit of eating everyday in restaurants, it won’t ever be the same as preparing your own food in your kitchen with fresh and healthy ingredients. If eating outside is a bad habit, a good habit could be taking lunch to your office. But, to change an old habit you will need a lot of willpower and discipline, as well as a change in your routine.

Here we give you some tips to replace old and bad habits for good habits that will help you to reach success:

  1. Start one step at a time. Starting with a small change is very important, if you don’t do your bed everyday, start by doing it at list 3 times in a week.
  2. Do a 21 day plan. It is well known that if you do the same thing for at list 21 days you could develop a habit. Try with a small habit that could be easy for you to change.
  3. Reward yourself. If you have notice that you are improving your habits, try to reward yourself for reaching your goals. Let’s say that your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, if you accomplish this you will buy those tickets to the concert that you desire to go.

Although these tips are simple, they will definitely help you out to replace bad habits for good habits, you will prove that little actions surely could change your life.

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