You made the decision to get a real life change by going through a bariatric surgery journey, you are ready to start this journey…what’s next?

First step

  • Assist to a personalized consultation at the Doctor’s office.
  • We will ask for your weight, height, and size.
  • Fill clinical history
  • The doctor analyzes all your information so he can determine if you are a good candidate for surgery

After doctor’s approval

  • Once the doctor have approved your surgery, we send  you a special diet to follow for a week or two before surgery
  • We ask for a $500 USD deposit so we can schedule your surgery.
  • Read carefully the  pre-op indications we will send to your email also you’ll have to check the hospital rules, cancellation policies, and consent form.
  • There is an extra charge for some type of candidates because most of these cases result in a more extensive procedure.
    • BMI 50-59:
      extra charge of $500 USD
    • BMI 60-69
      extra charge of $1,000 USD
    • BMI >70
      extra charge of $1,500 USD

Arrival and lodging

  • Let us know your arrival information, arrivals should be schedule before 7:00 am (Pacific Time), our transportation staff will pick you up at the airport.
  • Our recommendation is for you to stay a total of 5 days in Tijuana,
    • Hospital: 3 days (included on our price)
    • Hotel: 2 days (Marriot is included on our price)

The day of the surgery

  • Our transportation staff will take you from San Diego airport to the door of our hospital.
  • We suggest to bring comfortable clothes.
  • Sign hospital documents.
  • Pay your surgery balance, we accept cash or cashier check.
  • In case of cancellation, we make a refund of the total amount, not considering the expenditure already generated.

After your surgery


  • Before you get back home, we will give post-op indications to follow after your surgery.

  • Make sure you have all your questions answered by the doctor or your patient coordinator while you are at the hospital.

  • If you are on the hospital or you are back home and see some complications don’t hesitate to call us to give you personalized follow up. Our patient coordinators will always be caring for you in most of all post-op matters that you go through.
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