Privacy Notice:

Identity and address of the responsible

Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. with address in  2386 Diego Rivera, Zona Rio,Tijuana Baja California. C.P. 22660.

Personal Information and Sensitive personal Information that is handled by Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C.

Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. will collect and process personal identification information, employment personal information and third party personal information, as part of their patient registry all with the purpose of carrying out the primary and basic principles for providing our services.

Unidad Quirurgica CER will collect and process the following sensitive personal data: Personal health information, Medical history, lifestyle and other information for the purposes described above.

Primary Purposes

Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. will handle your personal information with the following necessary purposes, in order to meet our obligations derived from our legal relations:

– Medical services Provision for Outpatient Surgery, Including and without limiting hospitalization, surgery, diagnostic exams, nurse care, pharmaceutical services blood bank services, diet and nutrition and other healthcare related  services.

– Creation, studies, analysis, actualization, and conservation of a medical file.

– Billing and collection for the services.

– Studies, Records, and statistics and health information analysis.

– Record Keeping for service follow up, future service delivery. Follow ups and any contractual relations in general.

– Statistical and market Analysis.

– Promotional and product market and Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. services.

Secondary purposes

Also if you agree to this privacy notice, Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. could use your information for publicity media, promotions and market research. You can choose whether or not to share personal information by emailing us at You can also change this option whenever you like.


In order to meet the necessary purposes (described above), any other legally required or by involved authorities, Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. will transfer necessary data only in previously planned cases, specially to third parties, to whom we will transfer such data. Without limitation: laboratories, blood banks, etc., are included. As well as other health care providers, with the purpose of carrying out our services.

Means and procedures for Arco rights and consent nullification

To have access to the personal data that Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. processes, as well as to rectify them in the case that these are inaccurate or incomplete or to cancel them or to oppose to their processing for certain purposes, please submit a written request addressed to our Personal Data handling department at or a written notification to 2386 Diego Rivera, Zona Rio,Tijuana Baja California. C.P. 22660 from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. that contains the following information:

– Name

– Mail address, or email address to send you a request response.

– Identity Documentation or authorization to represent you in the request.

– A description of the personal information with which ARCO rights will be applied.

– Any other elements that allows us to locate this personal information and the attention to the request.

The maximum response time is 10 days to attend your request and we will inform you of its origin, through a phone call or via email.

Limitations and\or disclosure of your personal information.

To limit the use of your personal information, please send an email to or send a written notification to 2386 Diego Rivera, Zona Rio,Tijuana Baja California. C.P. 22660, Personal Information handling Department in which the desired limitations to the use of your data is pointed out. The requirements for proof of identity, as well as the procedures to attend your request will be determined by the same criteria marked in the previous paragraph.

In the case that your request is applicable, the Department will register it in the exclusion listing for the results for which the exclusion is applicable.

Collected Personal Information

For the results market in this Privacy notice, we can collect your personal information in several ways: When you provide it directly, when you visit our website or use our online services, and when we obtain information through other sources that are by law permitted.

Personal Data Collected directly: We collect your data directly, when you provide it through several means, like when you participate in our special offers, or when you give us information in order to receive our services. The information we collect through these means can be: full name, phone number, e-mail, address, pictures of your body parts that will be treated , your height and weight, among others.

Personal Information we collect when you visit our web site or use our online services can be: full name, phone number, e-mail, address, pictures of your body parts that will be treated , your height and weight, among others.

Personal Information that we collect through other sources. We can collect your information from other sources permitted by law. The information we collect from these means can be: can be: full name, phone number, e-mail, address, pictures of your body parts that will be treated , your height and weight, among others

The use of cookies or Web Beacons

Concerns the information that is obtained through our website, personal computer, mobile device among others; “Cookies” are used as well as “beacons” which are automatically generated and they record what could be personal data when a connection is generated to the site, as well as the compilation of the following data: (understand by cookies as the text archives that are automatically downloaded and stored in the users hard disk when browsing the specific internet page, which allow to record some data within the internet server; also understand by WEB BEACONS, inserted images in the page or email address, that can be used to monitor the visitor’s behavior, as well as record information on the users IP Address, page interaction time lapse).

1. name

2. Browser and operating system

3. IP Address

4. date, time and place of visit

5. Each user can change cookie configuration, through a procedure within the web browser, any other site that generates the use of cookies that are not part of Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. is entirely free of any responsibilities by doing so.

6. This website contains links to third party websites, if you access these website hyperlinks, have in mind that they can have their own privacy policies and that Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. does not accept any responsibilities derived from them, it is recommended that you check such policies before seding any personal information to these websites or their content

Changes in Unidad Quirurgica CER’s Privacy Statement

Unidad Quirurgica CER, S.C. can modify, revise or make changes to this Notice at any time, serving the viable and accepted applications or in accordance with the regulations. In the case of changes inside this Notice, these will be published through the following media: I) Visible Ads in our facilities. II) In our webpage. III) Or we will extend them to the email address you provided.